Friday, April 2, 2010

Journaling reads:

My grandparents, Florence Marie Carlson and Magnus Joseph Leander Wegren were both born and raised in Illinois. In 1903, Joseph and his family left for Saskatchewan to homestead 160 acres near the small town of Allan.

Joe and Florence corresponded and their families kept in touch. 1 Aug 1911 they were married in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. They went to live on his farm and raised their family - John, Rodney, Josephine and Dale.

Life on the prairie was very different from the life Gramma had lived as a girl. She had been raised in the city of Moline, Illinois and before she got married she had taught school. It was a complete reversal of what her life had been in Moline.

She learned and adjusted to life on the farm and was a wonderful wife and mother. She made a very happy life for herself and her family. She never got back to Moline. Her father had died efore her marriage and her mother moved west with them. Mom said she told her that she felt she couldn't spend he money on the proper wardrobe needed to go back to visit.

Grampa was a wheat farmer & a blacksmith. He was a mountain of a man, a gentle giant and people all around called him “Big Joe Wegren”.

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  1. I never get tired of that story! I just love how even though she moved to a different country and life she was still positive and happy! These layouts are absolutely gorgeous Mom! I LOVE the background paper and where did you find those cool distressed film reels - so so fun! :0)