Sunday, August 14, 2011

Has it really been a month since I posted anything! I am really bad at this, but will just have to keep trying and get better. Positive thinking can be very powerful.

Gabe has been really sick with bronchitis, so I have had a horrible week. Looking after him, Teagan and still working at the library with little or no sleep is taking it's toll. I had to start taking Bach's Rescue Remedy on a regular basis and that has really helped. He is a lot better this weekend, even
helped me clean the house, awesome man!

Here are a few layouts I've done in the last month --

Teagan and Grace having a wonderful time doing tricks and playing in the swimming pool.

The next one is my current 365. I am doing really good with it.
From our camping trip a couple weeks ago to Onaway. Not a great park, to unlevel!

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