Sunday, May 11, 2014

Betsy, Jeff and Teagan left for Washington State on Friday. We have Sage here with us and she has been so upset. She finally ate some food this afternoon. I was ready to go buy some hamburger and make her hamburger and rice to see if that would help, but  when I added a lot of canned food to it she finally ate some lunch and then at dinnertime she had more.  What a worry. I was afraid she was going to get sick.

The weather has finally warmed up and we brought the camper home.  I will get it stocked this week and maybe we can go next weekend or the one after if the weather is good!

Toby is doing wonderful. He is thrilled to be able to get outside in the yard without a leash, although I do still put a leash on him to go potty when I want him to come right back in. We are still working on "come" and don't have it down real good yet. Jen was over today and said she couldn't get over how much he has grown in just the last week.

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