Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Toby is 2 years old now and has grown into a beautiful boy.  He is really tall and very strong, although he doesn't have a lot of stamina with his arthritis. He is so smart, when we are camping we have to keep him on a lead in the camper, because he can open the door so quick it will make your head spin.  He stays if he wants to, but if something gets his attention he is gone.

Now that the garden has come in he loves it when Gabe goes out to pick beans or peas.  He will stand and watch him pick and then sit down to wait until he gets some to eat.  I really think fresh beans are one of his favorite foods.

I am working on hats and mittens for the children of Pine Ridge Reservation in SD.  It is really fun and I am getting quite a selection.  Ethel is crocheting some and we are going to send them all off the end of the month.
This photo was taken in May and I have quite a few more sets since then.  Will take a photo of all of them before I send them.

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