Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Two Days in a Row?

Whoaa, this is scary. I am making it two days in a row! That is amazing to me.

It was very slow at the Library tonight. I was able to get a lot (500+), of guest passes made for the computer lab, and about 150 bookmarks with our hours on them done. Since I took over as the graphics person there, I do everything I can in-house. That way we don't have to get 1000+ of something from the printer, and can change things on a regular basis. I am there anyway for the circ desk, so my time doesn't really figure into the form making.

Jen came over this morning and brought the new Mario game for the Wii! It is just too much fun. I can't buy it, because I know I wouldn't get anything else done.

Here are the other two layouts I have done in my Travel Michigan series of scrapbook pages.

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