Thursday, April 24, 2014

Spring has finally arrived in the North!  The grass is starting to green up a bit and the daffodils and tulips are peeking up through the barely unthawed ground. Most of the snow is gone in the backyard, although we do still have a couple of hills where the boys shoveled off the roof.  I can't wait to get the camper home and start restocking it.

Toby is growing like a weed and is doing so good. Going to have to invest in a new bed soon. He learns so fast. After the next set of shots I think we will be safe to take him for walks and teach him to follow and walk beside us. I am going to run up and get a new harness for him that will be for walking to protect his neck. We had really injured Maggie's neck with letting her pull too hard walking. I don't want to make that same mistake again.

He really likes his new crate. It is so great to be able to lock him in when we run uptown and know he is safe (and so is the house!).

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