Saturday, April 12, 2014

We have had Toby for two weeks and he is doing just wonderful. Everyone that comes in is just crazy about him and so are we.  He is so smart and such a pleasant little guy. He is pretty well housebroken with only the occasional accident. I am so glad we got him. I still miss my Maggie like crazy and probably always will, but he sure softens the pain.

Teagan only has one month of school left. They are out the middle of May. She has done really good & is starting to enjoy going. It has taken her most of the year to be happy about it.  Next year she will be in preschool 4 and it is mornings - 4 days a week. Should be good for her.  She and Grace are starting to really get along together without competition and fights. It is so nice!. They are both growing.

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